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Giving a Speech


If you get nervous about giving presentations or leading meetings at work, this boot camp will help you speak up powerfully when it matters most. And if your public speaking skills are holding you back in your career, this workshop will give you the tools you need to speak like a leader.


No matter what industry you’re in, you need to speak clearly and confidently to move your team and your career forward.

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Enroll today to master public speaking and transform your presentation skills

Small-Group Coaching That’s Effective and Convenient

Make a point group coaching gives you a cost-effective alternative to attending a live workshop, with all the same perks. Learn to be a more confident and masterful public speaker in just  a 4-hour workshop, 


Why is group coaching so effective? Because you learn from an expert as well as others in your virtual class. We limit classes to just four people. That means you get personalized attention with the added benefit of a group dynamic. Group coaching incorporates individualized and peer-learning — and it’s fairly entertaining!-- 




Your time is valuable and you need training that fits your schedule and your lifestyle. One-on-one public speaking coaching is tailored to suit you. We’ll arrange a timetable that works for you to get the most out of your public speaking training.

Can you only spare one hour at a time? No problem! You can choose to complete the four hour training all at once, or break it down to two 2-hour sessions, or four 1-hour sessions. No matter the schedule you choose, you are guaranteed to finish a confident, more polished and effective public speaker.

Public Speaking Training Tailored Just For You


Our live virtual training platform provides the same exceptional training you’d receive in our live workshops, including hands-on learning and constructive and supportive feedback. All you need is an Internet connection and a webcam, and your home or office instantly becomes a classroom.

You’ll learn how to:

You won’t believe how much your speaking skills improve in just four hours!


Enroll today to master public speaking and transform your presentation skills

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