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In House Training

Our in-house public speaking training is tailored to your requirements and is delivered at your premises at a time and date that’s convenient for your staff. 

In today’s economy employees are required to be effective speakers and leaders. Whether you’d like your staff to have more impact when communicating internally, be able to speak to clients with more confidence; or successfully deliver presentations, we are here to help.

Our training options cater for the whole spectrum of public speaking experience – from absolute beginner to advanced level.  Building the key skills and confidence for those who are fairly new to public speaking or presenting; or enhancing and refining the skills of your more experienced staff.


If just the thought of public speaking makes you break out in a cold sweat, you’re not alone.

The fact is public speaking is often listed as the world’s number one fear.

You can become a more relaxed, engaging speaker with proven, easy to use techniques that can produce immediate results.

Everyone, whether they’re beginners, intermediate or advanced, can benefit from improved public speaking skills. The better your public speaking, the greater your success – in business and in life!


If you want to achieve higher levels of success in sales, leadership, management, and life, an investment in our Public Speaking workshop is the best investment you can make!


Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking


That’s why we take a fun, gentle approach and introduce techniques to lower your anxiety levels and increase your comfort presenting to a few people or a few hundred.


We’ll get you ready for your next presentation.


You will learn how to: 

  • Present with impact

  • Manage anxiety and stay calm and focused

  • Engage in two way communication

  • Connect with people visually, vocally and verbally

  • Project confident body language

When you experience our Public Speaking workshop you will learn to eliminate the fear of public speaking that has plagued you for years. We will identify your sticking points and show you how to overcome these problems so you can move ahead to the next level.


The hands-on public speaking workshops provide a powerful learning experience. And is guaranteed to transform the way you communicate forever.

1 on 1 training

Public speaking is a fundamental communication skill that builds career and life success. We are not born with the skills of public speaking but learn them. Through expert public speaking training and practice you too can master these skills and improve your career trajectory.

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